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About Adrian

‘the’ success Coach and PGI consultant

Adrian is ‘the’ success coach, dedicated to helping individuals and businesses fulfil their potential and achieve extraordinary results.

Certified by Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Adrian works as a consultant running the ‘Thinking Into Results’ system. He lives just outside of Dublin, Ireland and works with clients all over the world to help them get what they really desire in life.

Adrian believes in an Abundance. ‘Nature only knows abundance and health. Any limitations you perceive are as a result of your ‘thoughts and actions, which is amazing, because you can change your thinking and thus change your results!’

Background and Inspiration:

Growing up in North Meath, Ireland, my Grandmother owned and ran a small hotel and farm. I fell in love with the hotel industry and even from a very young age I aspired to work in hotels when I was older, preferably owning and running my own small hotel and wedding venue.

So I trained in Hotel Management in one of the well known Hotel Schools in Ireland and went on to work in a number of properties both here in Ireland as well as abroad in Germany and the USA.

I loved the buzz of working with people and helping them make the most out of their trip. I now believe that this is where my passion for helping people really comes from. Been able to see the enjoyment that people got from my suggestions and help, really helped to make my day!

After a while however the joy went out from the role and so a change was needed and I switched industries and I began to work in the car hire industry.

Again though I found that after a while the joy went out of the job, and I KNEW  that something was missing.

And so began my journey of self discovery and learning along the path that has led me to this point in my life.

And So I started to study… how could I achieve what I was looking for, and to be, have and do more with my life.

Quite early on in my voyage of self discovery I came across Bob Proctor and the Thinking Into Results program. It was instantly a great fit for me as the messages were simple and through applying the principals from the lessons I began to see great changes in myself ………and my results.

Bob was without question one of the absolute best in the business and to have learnt from the best, all about unlocking the infinite power of the mind and how anyone can achieve their desires……well the rest is history.

Now I love what I do, I get to spend lots of time having great conversations with amazing people, and I am so humbled to have the opportunity to impact so many lives in a positive manner.

There is nothing better than getting to be in front of an audience and see the light come on in their eyes when they too realise that there is a simple step by step process whereby they can achieve anything they want in life.

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